• Your input is bad, and you should feel bad

    Things that screw up your input are bad. Things that screw up your input on purpose are worse.


    You’ve heard of wordpress, the world’s most popular remote execution engine (With a blog attatched)

    wordpress is widely known to be the primary source for PHP hate in the industry,...

  • A Brief History Of Systemd

    It’s now 2045 - 30 years since the widespread adoption of systemd.

    When it was released, systemd met no small resistance due to it’s disregard for the underlying ecosystem’s “Unix philosophy” in that it dropped an awful lot of functionality into a large complex process.

    This was considered by all...

  • Anitextify Gimp Plugin For Animated Backgrounds

    So I was working on a client’s site and though to myself:

    Hey! I don’t know how to make a tileable texture in the GIMP!


    So I learned that.

    Then because I didn’t feel like working on any of the other parts of the client’s site,...

  • Youtube Age Block Bookmarklet

    Annoyed at all those stinking youtube “Sign in to verify your age” blocks?

    "Content Warning - This video may be inappropriate for some users. Sign in to confirm your age" - Youtube

    Hate all the bullshit from comments and just want to watch the video?

    Well have...

  • Jekyll Dynamic Menu

    Getting a dynamic menu in Jekyll is apparently really hard.

    All the examples available either use ruby plugins, have the menu hardcoded into the _config.yml or just don’t work. Thinkshout made a good stab at it, wisely noting that urls provide an excelent hierachy for you to...

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