• Impossible Indices in PHP

    It’s possible to have an impossible index in PHP. In fact, it’s possible to have an impossible property on an object too.

    When you add to an array in PHP it will either add it as a string key, or as an integer key. If you add an integer string...

  • Git Commit Reset

    So occasionally you might be working with people who have a less-than-stellar grasp of version control, who merge an old branch with --ours or worse - copy paste their entire repo deleting all the work of the last month.

    Was that a bit too specific? Anyway, when this happens...

  • Templating In Php In 5 Lines

    Everything on the web needs templates.

    While you can argue that MVC is overkill for simple applications, even the simplest of systems need templates as soon as they’re outputting HTML.

    Since PHP was designed for templating we can always use it as a quick ‘n dirty templating system. Quick because...

  • Extending Dbal For Fun And Profit

    It’s a sign of a mature community when it settles on common tools to solve common problems. Doctrine’s DBAL is one such tool. The competing third party database layers for PHP include AdoDb and the Typo3 layer built on top of it.

    AdoDb development seems somewhat slow, with the last...

  • A Systemd Story

    I wrote an article suggesting that we would look back at Systemd in 30 years the way we look back at X11 today.

    I apologize.

    It’s probably going to be earlier than that.

    What prompted this?

    A phone company stated they’d be switching from Debian to Devuan:


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